The Harmony Of The World
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Sports Chanbara

 Tetsundo Tanabe sensei - founder of Sports Chanbara.
The originator of Sports Chanbara is President  of ISCA, Tanabe sensei, an instructor of the art of self-defense.
It was the beginning that Mr.Tanabe noticed not the restricted sports but the Chanbara Playing holding sticks and running about the precincts of shrines and the fields, mountains wildly and freely.
He developed new tools and rules, And then Sports Chanbara became a modern sport.
By doing this he placed Sports Chanbara on the stage of Sports World as a modern Chanbara Playing conducted on a safe and fair basis in gymnasiums.
The weapons are soft sticks named air soft swords. Contents in that is air existing all over the world.
With the introduction of these weapons people all over the world are now able to play on common ground.
Before the invention of air soft weapons players could not compete on a fair basis with the earlier sponge swords varying in consistency and material in the various countries and districts.
The big event for the Sports Chanbara Association is The World Championships toward the harmony of the world and has been held twenty-five times.
These are the factors of World Chanbara Playing so that many men and women from many countries may develop international links and friendships by overcoming racial barriers and breaking the wall of the color.
The World Championships are held around every November in Japan, Japan in memory of the fact that president Tanabe originated Spochan in Yokohama.